Responding to COVID-19

Compassion in a Time of Isolation

MILC would like to highlight the work of Mon Ami, an organization that is responding to the isolation of our aging population as a result of Covid-19. They are providing a free service that connects aging adults with a companion, providing vital social connection over the phone. Visit their website to sign up and reach out. 

From the Mon Ami: "#CancelEverything except kindness: We set up a Volunteer Phone Bank. Do you know someone who has been isolated by the #Covid19 crisis? There are so many people, particularly seniors, restricted in their ability to connect with the outside world. But there are lots of big-hearted people who want to do more! If you have a loved one who would benefit from a new friend, we’ll set them up with calls by phone or video. They can be daily, weekly, or anything in between. And it won’t just be a random person each time - all our volunteers are here to make lasting connections."

Please support this great organization and sign-up to be a virtual companion for an aging adult. It costs you nothing but your time. Click here to sign up. 




Gen2Gen Innovation Fellowship

In December 2020 MILC's founder Lisa Armao was named one of five Gen2Gen Innovation Fellows through Encore, receiving "$5,000; coaching and support designed to boost visibility, contacts and funding; plus the chance to win an additional $5,000 Judges’ Prize awarded by a panel of 27 experts." 

On March 5, 2020 Encore announced that Lisa had won the Judges Prize of an additional $5,000 awarded by a panel of 27 experts, calling MILC founder Lisa's goal of creating intergenerational Montessori communities "nothing short of revolutionary".

See Lisa's Gen2Gen Innovation Fellow page with her Q&A, profile, 3-minute pitch video to the panel, and beautiful photos of MILC's current project here.